Razor Bumps - How To Get Rid Of Them

We live in an age of unprecedented consumer choice, when almost anything goes, and there are few things left on earth that you could buy for a man that would raise an eyebrow, this makes choosing a gift much, much harder. I would liken buying gifts for men to a restaurant with too much choice; you'll always regret what you didn't order. Of course, if you know the guy you're buying for well, then it's much easier, but still not easy. Here we look at some simple but pleasant choices that will make good gifts for almost any man.

Blade width is usually measured from cutting edge to the spine in increments of 1/8 of an inch. A 4/8 blade is a half inch wide and an 8/8 inch is one inch in width. The selection of blade width is crucial in getting a close shave and depends on the individual user.

If you are a person who uses a straight razor, then you may prefer to use a brush to apply the best shaving soap to your face. Using normal shaving cream is not a problem just as long as your pores are open and ready for shaving. Soaking the shaving brush is a good idea since it will soften it and prevent skin irritation and the closing of pores.

Our 18 year old son just started shaving, we have to tell him a bottle of shaving cream should last longer than a week or two and when you only have 15 hairs it should last months! I guess he must be enjoying the art of shaving. Speaking of the art of shaving, check out "Manscapes" on YouTube for some real shaving artist. So, whatever your method, which ever you prefer, soap, foam electric or razor, the daily activity of shaving is something that all men have had to do for a very long time.

He's best shaving soap Polished with a capital P. Down to his shiny Italian leather shoes, the guy in your life wouldn't be seen without a crisp buttondown and a pair of pressed dress pants. Or, maybe he needs a little nudge in the right direction. Either way, he'll appreciate the luxury and quality of these snazzy duds.

Once you have your travel size bottles, simply take your cleanser for example and pour just the amount you'll think you'll need into the travel size bottle. Do this for your other skin care products as well. This way you don't have to pack the large bottles or tubes, just the small travel size, which leaves more room in your suitcase for your clothes! Some skin care lines sell travel size kits. These are great for short trips. Just make sure to get the kit that is for your particular skin type.

With these tips taken on board and applied daily you will feel good, look good and you women (or men if you're that way inclined) will be able to get closer to your face with touches and kisses.

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